2023 StockCar Fantasy League Rule Book - Feb 1, 2023    Sign Up Here

Green Highlight  - New updates from last year


Teams will consist of exactly 6 Drivers with a value of $10M or less. Your team will compete in both qualifying and the race. Winning Pole will not only give you the lead going into race-day, but will provide 1 championship pt.

NOTE: Unless specified otherwise, you own the drivers and not the cars. If a driver is injured or fired, you can either make a Trade or a Replacement, or get 0 Pts until that driver is racing again.  Only when a driver has already made a qualifying attempt (takes green flag) and is then unable to race will you get his car. If he switches cars between qualifying and the race, you still have that driver.

NOTE: Driver values will change after race 2,4,6,8,10 and every four races thereafter. You will not have to make any trades if your team exceeds its budget.


Rosters using all available drivers must be submitted before the start of qualification attempts on Wednesday, February 16. Late entry will be permitted prior to the Dual races on Thursday, February 17. Late entry rosters will be limited based on qualifying results. Unavailable drivers will include; The front row, Any driver valued between 11 thru 30 that qualified in the top 10, any driver valued from 31 or lower that qualifies in the top 20.


Full season (36 races) for $55* 
Note: Trades may not be made until a team is paid in full.
All balances must be paid in full by Race 4, otherwise your team will be placed on auction until Race 6 and will be awarded to the highest bidder.
* - A small fee ($5) is removed from the prize list to pay for league web hosting and domain cost.

Trades & Replacements:

Trades and/or Replacements must be made prior to the start of live qualifying or if determined by rain out, to be counted for that race. If the series chooses pre-assigned starting positions (in lieu of qualifying) due to a pandemic, the deadline will be Race day at 10am (note- this hasnt happened since 2021, but leaving in case its ever needed again).  Any trade resulting in two identical teams will be accepted for that race, but the team that traded last will always finish below the other identical team. In such a case, the team that traded last will be offered the use of a Replacement of the new driver(s) chosen that caused the conflict. 

One Trade will be earned after race 2 and every 4 races thereafter (one trade equals one driver). Trades may be used immediately or saved for later. The resulting team value after a Trade must be less than or equal to the maximum team budget at that time
Note: Trades may not be made until your team is paid in full.

   Replacements (Permanent)**:
Unlimited Replacements are available for use immediately, but your Replacements may only be used to replace a driver who is not competing in the next race. There is no budget constraints except that the new driver must cost equal to or less than the replaced driver. A driver is considered a competing driver if he either makes a qualification attempt or starts the race. Important: A replacement is permanent just like a regular trade, you will not be able to Replace back to your original driver upon their return unless of course they cost less than another driver being Replaced.

If a driver your trying to replace does compete in the next race (even in a different car), the replacement will be null and void. Likewise, if a replacement is not applied, the request will not carry over to the next race.

Driver Scoring: 

You own the drivers and not the cars. A driver must run qualifying to get qualifying points. A driver ordinarily must start the race to earn race points. Only when a driver has already made a qualifying attempt and is then unable to race will you get his car for the race. If he switches cars between qualifying and the race, points will be scored for the driver and not the original qualifying car. If he does not qualify the car, but does start the race (even if he gets out after 1 lap), he will get race points, but not qualifying points.

Points will be scored as listed below based on Official Results.  Any changes to official results will result in corrected changes up until qualifying for the next race.  Any changes after qualifying for the next race will not alter our leagues race results.

Finish Position

1-100	6 -74	11-58	16-46	21-36	26-27	31-22	36-17	41-12
2-92	7 -70	12-55	17-44	22-34	27-26	32-21	37-16	42-11
3-86	8 -67	13-52	18-42	23-32	28-25	33-20	38-15	43-10
4-82	9 -64	14-50	19-40	24-30	29-24	34-19	39-14
5-78	10-61	15-48	20-38	25-28	30-23	35-18	40-13
Most Laps Led  -   5	Lead any Lap  -   5

Qualifying Position

1-18	3&4-14	7&8 -12	  11&12 - 10  15&16 - 8   19-22 - 6   27-30 -  4   35-38 - 2
2-16	5&6-13	9&10-11	  13&14 - 9   17&18 - 7   23-26 - 5   31-34 -  3   39-Attmpts- 1

Your Team's Season Scoring:

Season Championship Pts Scoring (Including the Championship Playoff):

    Each week, the accumulative points scored by all six of your drivers will determine your teams finishing position with respect to the other teams in the league. Your team will then earn points toward the fantasy league championship based on that finishing position the same way a real driver earns points for their race finish. The following point system will be used.

Pole Position:  1 Championship Point

Finish Position:

1-40	6 -31	11-26	16-21	21-16	26-11	31- 6	36- 1	41- 0
2-35	7 -30	12-25	17-20	22-15	27-10	32- 5	37- 1	42- 0
3-34	8 -29	13-24	18-19	23-14	28- 9	33- 4	38- 1	43- 0
4-33	9 -28	14-23	19-18	24-13	29- 8	34- 3	39- 1	44- 0
5-32	10-27	15-22	20-17	25-12	30- 7	35- 2	40- 1	45- 0

Stage Points:

After each Stage the top 10 teams will receive Championship Points. These points will be listed under Bonus points in the final Results and applied to the season standings.   Scoring for the Stage results will use race points only (ie  no Laps led points or qualifying pts will be applied to drivers scores to determine Stage results). Note: Should the series ever stop reporting the full finishing positions after each stage, only your drivers in the Top 10 will score points for your team. 

1-10       6 - 5
2- 9        7 - 4
3- 8        8 - 3
4- 7        9 - 2
5- 6        10- 1

Playoff Pts: Awarded at each Playoff Stage, except final race: 
Race Win - 5 Playoff Pts
Stage Wins - 1 Playoff Pt

The winner of each stage will receive 1 Playoff Point  The single playoff point will be represented by Segement wins in parenthesis in the Season standings with s designator. (ie. Buggs Island Racing (s3).

Postseason Playoffs:  

  Championship Playoff Requirement -  

   Championship Playoff Format -  16 Teams (+ possible expansion)

No Mediocre or Lousy Championships for the remaining field:. For 2023, I am discontinueing the secondary playoff format. All teams who do not make the playoff format above, will keep their points and continue earning as normal.  

Tie Breakers:

Pole Position: In case of a tie for Pole position, each team's highest points earning driver will be compared, not position. If the top drivers tied, move to second best driver and so on until tie is broken, unless all 6 tie, then actual qualifying positions will be compared (e.g. same score but in different positions, such as 3rd vs 4th which earn the same points). 

Race Finish: There will be no ties for any position. To break ties; 1) each team's highest points earning driver will be compared. If the result is another tie, the procedure will continue with the second highest points earning driver and so on until the tie is broken. 2) If teams are still tied after comparing all 6 drivers' points earnings, then each team's best "Race" finishing driver will be compared (disregarding qualifying and bonus points) until tie is broken. 3) If teams are still tied (only possible if teams had drivers that did not qualify), then highest qualifying position for the drivers that failed to qualify will be compared.

Regular Season (Race 26) and Playoff Season Elimination Rounds: Each team's number of 1st place finishes will be compared. If that result is tied, then the number of 2nd place finishes and so on.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to:

  1. The winner of each race (value equal to 1/2 the number of teams rounded down if an odd number. e.g. 50 or 51 teams equals $25 per race).
  2. The winner of each Stage at $3 per Stage win.
  3. Race 26 leader: The leader after race 26 will be awarded a bonus $50
  4. Top 16 Playoff contenders.   
  5. Top two Non Playoff finishers.  The Top two positions outside the playoffs will earn prizes (approximately $40-$45).  If the fplayoff field is expanded beyond 16, then $5 each will come out of the prize money available for the Top two non playoff teams for the lowest finishing playoff teams. 
  6. Rookie of the Year: $3 x no of rookies to the highest finishing rookie. To classify as a rookie, the new team must have a new owner. Changing team names, or adding a second team does not qualify.
  7. Fast Five Bonus Races $15 each: Every 5th race will be a Fast Five Bonus races. The top 5 teams from each race will compete against each other at the next race for a Fast Five Bonus prize. The winner will be the team that finishes highest in the race (e.g. The five teams finish 12,21,23,35,42, then the team in 12th would win). The races will be (Subject to change)
    0. Daytona - (determines first 5)
    1. Atlanta - (Race 5)
    2. Talladega - (Race 10)
    3. St Luois (WWT) - (Race 15)
    4. New Hampshire - (Race 20)
    5. Watkins Glen - (Race 25)
    6. Texas - (Race 30)
    7. Martinsville - (Race 35)

    **All prizes will be awarded at the end of the season.**

Determining Driver Point Values (If you really want to know):

Driver point values will change after race 2, 4, 6, 8,10, and every 4 races thereafter. Driver point values are based on a drivers position in the fantasy league points system. Since 8 races or less is a small sample, the first value changes will be based on an average between the current season results and the preseason values (20% current for Race 2, 40% for Race 4, 60% for Race 6, & 80% after Race 8). No driver will move up more than 5 accumulative positions or down more than 3 accumulative positions from their original Race 1 position after each reclassification through Race 8 (e.g. The furthest a driver in 6th could fall is 18th even if current standings might be 30th).  To keep a drivers value realistic, drivers who have not competed in all races will receive weighted points for each non competed race. The weighted points will be based on their performance in the races that that driver did compete. The following system is used to determine the weighted points applied:

Rule						Pts received will equal
Competed in 3 of last 6 races, or 2 of last 3		80% of ave race score
Competed in at least 1 of last 6 races^		60%	"
Competed in none of previous 6 races^^		20or40%  "

^ - Drivers who are known to be returning in next the 4 races may receive 80% while drivers who have no expected return (e.g. road course ringers) may receive 40%.
^^ - Drivers who are may return will receive 40% while drivers with no expected return will receive 20%.