Grey Ghost II, 1991-2007
   Breed: Keeshond
   Parents: Kids Bandito (M) and Keesha Silba (F)
   Grandparents: Mr Humphrey & Miss Patches  ;  Jade Valley King & Katie Blu

To the dog that inspired Ghostsports. 16 Years of fun filled memories.

About 13 in this portrait At 15, just chillin in his bean bag chair
A moment with dad at Xmas Ghost loved Ohio and the snow
He loved to lay in Mom's lap Here helping raise money for Make-A-Wish
He loved his pool and playing in the water Ooh, the hose. Gotta get his face in there
Out in the snow was like a day at the beach He could hang in the snow all day
We forgot the sled, but Ghost didn't. The snow was a bit deep that day
At the beach about 2 yrs old Hey, who put this thing on my head
At his park. We walked there most every day We would walk for miles on the trails.
Waiting to go back in the house In the fall. Cool air is coming :)
Always wanting to help wash the car But then watching as I do all the work
In the front yard by the street There's more action out front. My favorite place
Relaxing in bed Or on the Living room sofa with mom
Cool crisp air, the snow.... and a bone, life was good 
With his family who all loved him Always smiling, always happy