Updated Apr 17, After 2023 after 2023 Entry

Team Name  Credit Debt Recent Change
1ToGo-OutOfControl 37.00 Pd SC2023, SC92
Backnblack Pd SC2023
Big Dog Racing 164.00 Pd SC2023, WTA2023, 29 to CB,81 to PR, 27 to T1, Cr 406
Big Ron's Racers 30.00 Pd SC2023, SC30
Buggs Island Racing 254.00 Pd OW2023, PdSC2023,Pd WTA, Cr 394
Copy That 6.00 Pd SC2023
Crush Buggs Island Pd OW2023, WTA 2023, SC2023, 29 from BD
Dat's Darlins Pd SC2023
Dboys Pd OW2023, WTA 2023, SC2023
Dream Team 75.60 Pd OW2023, PdSC2023,Pd WTA, 18 to Fox, Cr 243.60
Firedog Racing 85.00 Pd SC2023, Pd WTA 2023, Cr 185
Force England 125.00 Pd F12023, (Cr 200 - 50Pd)
Fox Team Pd OW2023, PdSC2023,Pd WTA, 18 from Fox, Cr 132
Galloping Ghost Pd OW2023, Pd SC2023
Hack's Racing Pd SC2023
Just One More 3.00 Pd SC2023
Kat's Krew Pd SC2023
Kira's Lions Pd F12023
Krash Team Racing Pd SC2023, Pd WTA2023
Larry's Winners 7.00 Pd WTA + SC2023 (x2)
Lugnut Larry 59.00 Pd SC2023, Cr114
Bad 2 The Bone 63.50 Pd SC2023, Pd WTA2023, Cr 232
MadDog Motorsports 0.70 Pd65 SC2023, Cr63.50 from M2B, Pd SC2023, Pd WTA2023, Cr 107.20
Northern Exposure 6.00 Pd OW2023 for The Fuzz, Cr 39
Pit Row Racing Pd SC2023, Pd WTA2023, 81 from BD, Cr 24
Pittsburgh Spirit Pd SC2023, Pd F12023
Quicker Than You Pd SC2023
Redneckcpa 63.00 Pd SC2023
Riggs Racing Pd SC2023
Rmracing Pd SC2023
Screamon Demons Pd SC2023
Scuderia Ferrari Pd SC2023, Pd F12023
Shake n' Bake Pd SC2023
Smash Buggs Island 125.30 Pd WTA + SC2023, Cr 230.30
24 Hours of Speed Pd SC2023, Pd OW2023
Swee's Boys Pd OW2023, Pd SC2023
The Fuzz Pd OW2023
Tank Racing Pd OW2023, WTA 2023, SC2023
Team Jack Daniels Pd SC2023
Team Jack Junior Pd SC2023
The Replacements 26.00 Pd SC2023, Pd F12023, Cr 106
The Replacements B 34.00 Pd SC2023, Pd F12023, Pd WTA, Cr 164
Tiger10 Pd SC2023, Pd WTA2023, 27 from BD
TomKat 73.40 Pd WTA + SC2023. Cr 178.40
Tundra Edition 39.00 Pd SC2023, Cr 94
Victory Lap 40.00 Pd OW2023, Pd SC2023
WalkerTexasRanger 3.00 Pd SC2023
Wheelchair Racing Pd SC2023, OW2023
Wood500 Pd WTA + SC2023 (x2)
Wooden Motorsports Pd SC2023